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Member of the Month September 2023

Bethany Desborough

Our member of the month for September is Bethany Desborough; Bethany is 13, and has a rare form of ovarian cancer.

Bethanys journey started on the 11th July 2023, when an ultrasound scan revealed a mass in her pelvis. Unfortunately, it was discovered that this mass was a tumour, and Bethany had the tumour removed along with one of her ovaries on the 17th of July.

Moving forward to the 9th of August, Bethany and her family were told that Bethany had ovarian cancer, however the specific type had not yet been discovered.

“Bethany had a hickman line inserted on the 15th of August, and she was started on an all-rounder chemotherapy, as a CT scan had shown that 2 mushy bits that were left behind from surgery had grown”

On the 29th of August, Bethany’s hair began to fall out, and so she bravely decided to have 10 inches cut off to donate to The Little Princess Trust – so far she has raised £1400!

Finally, on the 31st of August Bethany’s family got an official diagnosis of Small Cell Carcinoma Hypercalcemic, a very rare type of ovarian cancer. On the 14th of September, Bethany will begin her third round of more aggressive chemotherapy.

I think we can all agree that Bethany is such a strong and courageous young lady, and it is admirable to see how she has taken everything in her stride. Keep on being incredible Bethany!

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