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(nhs) Ladybird *COMING SOON*





Ladybug Bead – QTY 30

BEAD TYPE: Ceramic Lady Bug Bead
Bead to Give-Beads of Courage, Inc. recognizes that we are all connected and provides beads available to honor COURAGE, give HOPE, and create JOYful experiences to our Beads of CourageĀ® Members and anyone around them
Intention card reads: Legend tells us that ladybugs bring good luck especially when they land on you. Sydney, a Beads of Courage Member says, “I always feel lucky when I get to see or hold a ladybug. I hope this little ladybug makes you feel lucky and happy too.”
The Ladybug bead was dedicated to Sydney Newton, a Beads of Courage Member. Sydney’s Coins for Courage, a named fund of Beads of Courage, Inc. was established in 2010.