The Oncology and Haematology programme is available through the hospital to all children in the UK. For the last 6 years this programme has been sponsored by Be Child Cancer Aware. In 2019 it will be sponsored by Children with Cancer UK

The Programme supports any baby, child, teen or young adult (0-24yrs) going through any cancer treatment or haematology treatment on cancer wards.

Oncology is supported from induction, through treatment, surgeries, maintenance and hopefully to the end of treatment, upon which they will receive a purple heart as a symbol of the battle they faced.

Haematology is supported through their entire treatment, up until the transfer to adult services, where members will receive their red heart as an acknowledgment to their battle and maturing in to an adult.

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The cardiac programme supports children who are born with congenital heart defects and those who develop heart conditions at a later stage.

The beads support children through their daily treatments; heart surgery; and any bumps in the road to their journey of recovery.

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The Chronic programme supports all children with a serious chronic condition such as Type 1 diabetes, Autoimmune disorders, Genetic defects, Juvenile Arthritis, Epilepsy, Cystic fibrosis, Cerebral palsy, brain injury and many more.

The beads support children through their daily treatments; surgery; and any bumps in the road to their journey of wellness.

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The NICU programme is being very successfully run in some of the UKs biggest NICU departments. The programme offers support to the baby born too soon or with complex needs and is found to be of great comfort and support to the parents/family of these babies.

It offers the parents a way to tangibly record their baby’s journey through NICU and gives a meaningful record to help explain to peers, and their child as they grow about their resilience, strength and courage.

Ongoing research of the NICU programme has found that Beads of Courage has opened up avenues for parents to discuss their child’s treatments and engage in conversations with each other forming bonds of support. It also helps alleviate treatment induced stress and anxiety for the parents, benefitting the parent’s mental health and wellbeing, whilst their child’s medical needs are fulfilled by the NHS. This happens best when the programme is distributed at the point of care in the hospitals.

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The Beads of Courage Burns programme support children through their entire journey, from admission to surgery; skin grafts, therapies and any bumps in the road to their recovery and wellness.

Beads of Courage are a tangible tool to allow children to speak to their peers about what they have been through, in a non-distressing manner.

It can open up pathways for discussion, which can help promote understanding from other people.

#Be Critical Care Aware - BCCA



Having a child with a serious or life-threatening illness doesn’t just impact on the patients. Siblings suffer in very different but very real ways.

Many of the beads in the sibling pack are in the shape of animals, and they are here to share their attributes with them. Siblings already have so many qualities, and the animals are here to help guide, walk, fly, or swim along with them on their own personal journey.

Animal friends or guides can be a reflection of our deepest self, and also represent the qualities we need in this world. We hope the special meaning of the animal beads will give them the courage to deal with challenging situations in life and help them recognise their own abilities and strengths.

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