In 2013 we had a dream of being able to fund and provide Beads of Courage UK for every oncology child currently receiving treatment, who wished to be on the programme. We have just about reached that fantastic goal, with more than 100 hospitals trained and administering the Beads of Courage on our behalf. Our new goal and passion is to be able to do this for all children with any life-limiting, serious, chronic, cardiac, or burns conditions, and any babies born too soon in the neonatal intensive care units. To do this would mean that we would need to raise in excess of £1million, and to do that we need your help. All fundraisers big or small add up, and help to grow Beads of Courage UK, and give those children a voice. This helps them with their social and mental wellbeing, and assists in bridging the gap with their peers that grows through lack of knowledge and understanding of different conditions and disabilities. Please consider us for your fundraising efforts.