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Member of the Month August 2023

Hari Kieft

Our member of the month for August is Hari Kieft. Hari is 14 years old, and his journey began when he was born 10 weeks prematurely; after Hari’s birth, he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, two heart defects and a visual impairment.

Hari has faced many challenges so far, and his life has been filled with numerous medical appointments as well as serious hospital admissions. As Hari has gotten older, he has also been diagnosed with a genetic, mitochondrial condition…we just like to say that Hari’s diagnosis is awesome!

Hari’s mitochondrial condition impacts all of the different aspects of his life; over the past few years Hari has lost the ability to walk, and he has received Gastrotomy surgery to support his calorie intake and as a port for his medication.

Despite all of the challenges that he faces, Hari is constantly smiling and says that he is doing just fine!

Hari lives in a small village called Alltwen, and he is supported by everyone to allow him to live life to the fullest and enjoy life to the maximum. Some of Hari’s main passions are attending Alltwen Rugby Club, as well as being a keen member of both the bowls and fishing clubs. Hari is fortunate enough to be supported by a family and a community that love him very much; one of his biggest supporters is his big sister Olivia, who at 15 years old shows equal courage in facing life’s difficulties with her brother by her side.

Hari’s beads of courage are his badges of  honour and he loves to show everyone what he actually endures in life as his happy and cheeky disposition hide a lifetime of pain, challenge and adversity.)” – Cerianne, Hari’s mum

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