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Member of the Month February 2024

Lincoln Melling

Our Member of the Month this month is Lincoln Melling.

On February 19th, 2019, Lincoln received a diagnosis of stage 4 MYCN neuroblastoma, an uncommon and highly aggressive childhood cancer. Beyond the tumour, the cancer had also metastasised to his bone marrow, with notable hot spots detected on his femur, pelvis, and skull vault. At the tender age of 5, Lincoln faced this daunting challenge, with a 3-year-old sister by his side. This diagnosis shattered his family, plunging them into a nightmare that forever altered their lives.

We were diagnosed on the Friday after Lincoln had been unwell for some time and one morning he wasn’t himself and he was sick, had a nose bleed and couldn’t get up of the floor so I rang for an ambulance and it was the ambulance men who found a lump in Lincoln’s abdomen. And confirmed to be a Tumour later that day.

Lincoln’s long journey started with lots of tests, scans and blood work, and he was quickly sent to theatre for a central line to be fitted; a week later treatment began.

Lincoln underwent a gruelling 18 months, enduring; 70 days chemo Rapid COJEC, resection of the abdominal tumour, high dose chemotherapy and autologous stem cell transplant, radiotherapy for 2 weeks, second stem cell transplant and immunotherapy.

Treatment finally ended on the 1st May 2020, and while necessary it was absolutely heartbreaking. Lincoln was just 5 and the affects he endured were awful but he made a name for himself! Smiler.

Fast forward nearly 4 years and Lincoln is thriving. He had returned to school, was participating in swimming lessons, and a family holiday booked! On the 22nd November 2023 the family went to their routine scan…

To hear the words, “I’m sorry but there is something concerning on the scan.”  It’s back …. 

On the scan a tumour was discovered in Lincoln’s abdomen and it was confirmed to be MYCN Neuroblastoma but this time ALK positive. 

At the age of 10, Lincoln once again dons his armour and prepares for battle, with his 6-year-old sister by his side. With increased maturity, Lincoln now comprehends more of the emotions and discussions during his one-on-one consultations with his consultant.

Currently, Lincoln is undergoing a regimen of 12 rounds of chemotherapy. Each round consists of one week on chemotherapy followed by two weeks of rest. During the chemotherapy week, he endures 11 sessions, feeling quite unwell, yet his radiant smile remains unwavering. As the second week draws to a close, he begins to regain his strength, only to face another round of chemotherapy shortly thereafter.

Lincoln is my inspiration! He is incredible and I know that I wouldn’t be a normal mother if I didn’t say this but he truly is. This 10 year old little boy is still finding the time and energy deep within to take himself off to school running on medication and linked up to a water pump but still remains so focused and enjoys his days with his friends! He is so brave and take takes it all in his stride. You are my hero Lincoln and my forever best friend.

Lincoln and his family now proudly display Lincoln’s Beads of Courage from his first diagnosis, and are now preparing to begin building his beads for his second diagnosis.

He is so proud of his beads and took them to school as a visual of his journey. They were passed around the classroom for Lincoln’s classmates to view.

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